9 Factors To Consider When Choosing LED Lights For Cars

With the advancement of LED lighting technology, most car manufacturers have adopted this technology in recent years and the cost has continued to drop. This means that there are a lot of choices and more options when it comes to LED lights for your car. So, if you own a car with HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or halogen headlights, you’ll be aware of the brands such as Philips, Sylvania and others when it comes to replacement bulbs, but that is not an issue with LED lights.

Here are some of the important factors that will help you choose your LED Lights

  1. LED Light – Strong Light Focus
  2. LED Light Heat Dissipation
  3. LED Light Radiation Characteristics
  4. LED light Installation
  5. LED Light Projector or Reflector
  6. Placement Of LED Light In Your Car
  7. LED Light Colour And Brightness
  8. LED Light Price
  9. LED Light Components

To guide you through how to choose the LED for your car, I will give you details on the why you should choose LED lights, a guide on the factors to consider when choosing LED lights, and the best types of LED lights available to choose from, the advantages and disadvantages of each. For more details, keep reading.

Why should I choose LED for my car?

LED lights are the latest trend in automotive lighting technology, many cars nowadays are equipped with LED lights and many owners of older cars have upgraded from conventional lights to LED lights.

Let us see The Advantages Of LED Light For Cars In Detail:

1. LED Light Has A Long Life

LED lights are designed to last longer and consume less power while providing high brightness. LED can last 20 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs and use 80 per cent less electricity than other bulbs. It is estimated that LED can shine for about 50,000 hours or five years, while other lamps can only shine for about 5,000 hours, less than a year.

Aside from energy efficiency and brightness, LED lights can save you money on your car maintenance in the long run and the hassle of replacing your light every year.

2. LED Lights Are Considered Safer Driving.

Safe driving goes beyond wearing your seatbelt and obeying the speed limit. However, night vision is one of the biggest issues when driving, so it is very important to equip your car with bright LED lights that will improve your safety behind the wheel. Having a clear view in front of you can make all the difference.

With LED lights, you can have up to 3 times brighter than a traditional halogen. According to statistics, more than 40% of accidents worldwide occur while driving at night. Therefore, LED light has improved safety over a year because of its quality and performance.

3. LED Light Is Energy Efficient

LED light is the leading light when it comes to energy efficiency, no light can beat LED light which is one of the biggest advantages of this light. Thanks to the improved performance, LED can replace up to 60 watts of a traditional halogen lamp, which means that LED consumes less electricity compared to other lamps.

Normally, cars generate electricity with the help of a battery and alternator, with LED light its very advantages because it puts less load on your car power supply which is very important especially on an old car that has a risk of being stuck with a dead battery. Apart from all these benefits LED lights are very important for the environment as it is environment friendly.

4. LED Light Has More Colour Options

The LED light comes with varieties of colour options that one can choose from while halogen only comes in different shades of golden yellow and occasionally blue. LED light of several options for those who are looking for a different colour, it can come with: White, Blue, Violet Yellow, and other colours that you like.

5. LED Light Is Easy To Install

Another advantage of LED light is that it is easy to install. The installation of LED is the same as halogen bulbs, which takes about 10 to 20 minutes per fixture. The LED bulbs screw on just like your old halogen bulbs and have the same connectors that fit your vehicle, so no additional accessories, wiring or special labour is required.

6. LED Light Is More Effective

Many people know how effectively and efficiently LED produces light.

Halogen bulbs use about 90% of their energy to generate heat and only 10% to generate light, while LED uses only 10% of its energy to generate heat and 90% of its energy to generate light.

Given the temperature inside your headlight over time, the headlight can be damaged or slowly melt away at the power harness feeding power to the headlight bulb, while with LED lights this can never happen. Some of the LED lights come with a micro fan that can help keep the bulb cool and help reduce heat and last longer.

7. LED Light Can Save Time

LED lights not only save you money but also save you time. With a halogen bulb, you have to replace your bulb seven times more often than with a LED bulb, which can cost you time and money.

With a LED light driver has peace of mind knowing that the light will last longer and be brighter for a long time.

8. LED Light Has A Luxurious Look

The current luxurious cars like Bentleys, Audi, BWM have all been made with beautiful looking, powerful LED lights. The light of LED has given a good look and beautiful shape to many cars. Changing from traditional light to a new LED light can change the look of your old car to have a new luxurious look while saving money and being more energy-efficient.

9. LED Light Improve Spotlight Brightness.

One of the main reasons why many people choose LED lights is that it can improve the light output of their headlight to make night driving easier and better. Other conventional headlights are weak by design and produce a yellowish light that can make drivers fall asleep and cause an accident.

They are not suitable for night driving because the light output is very low and the light concentration is weak and less clear.

LED light produces a strong light with a focused beam and more clarity. For example, halogen light produces about 3200 lumens brightness, while LED light produces brightness from 5000 to 12000 lumens.

10. LED Light can Save Money

One of the great advantages of LED lights is that they are cost-effective. The ordinal halogen light bulbs cost around 30 USD to 100 USD per pair while LED lights cost around 100 to 200 USD per pair.

However, due to longevity in long run LED light is very cheap as is not required to be replaced from time to time while halogen light will be required to be replaced from time to time, approximately halogen light needs to be replaced 7-9 times often compared to LED light.

As mentioned earlier, LED lights can last 10 times longer than halogen lights. Although their price is high, you will save a large amount of money over their lifetime. With LED light, you do not need repairs from time to time compared to halogen light.

Things To Consider When Choosing LEDLight

We have already seen a guide when choosing your LED light and the benefits of it. Let us take a detailed look at what you need to consider when choosing your LED light for your car.

1. LED Light – Strong Light Focus

The first point to consider is the brightness and light distribution produced by the bulbs. There are two factors that determine the pattern such as LED chips and the structure and cooling system. So, the most important thing about LED headlights is the safety of the driver when driving at night.

There are three main types of light sources that a user must understand before choosing a LED light for their car.

a) Chip On Board; the advantage of this has the lowest cost with a medium level of lights performance, but the size of this chip is so wide, and light will be spread in all angles and does not have enough focus, this shows that low end LED lights use the chip on board

b) Chip Scale Package: This has a medium cost and medium power, but also it has a beam pattern that is so close to incandescent bulbs that is good.

c) Surface-Mounted Device: This is an expensive bulb but has the advantage of producing high brightness compared to the above bulbs. Its light source is huge and very helpful, especially at night.

2. LED Light Heat Dissipation

The structure of heat dissipation in your car can affect the brightness of LED light. We have two types of heat sink LED headlights, which are those with a fanless split and others is the integrated heat dissipation design. One of the advantages of the fanless design is that the heat sink is small and easy to install and does not rely on a fan for cooling.

And this will be better for a cooling fan for the LED lights with a heat sink to produce only high energy and brightness.

The fan LEDs light that integrates heat dissipation has a simple structure, which is stable and inexpensive, but the disadvantage is that it cannot hold heat with high power.

These types of LED lights are designed to transfer heat to either aluminium or copper, which are developed by fans. The reason for using copper is that it is about 60% stronger than aluminium, so the copper material can transfer heat better than aluminium.

These types of heat structures, which combine high-tech heat transfer material with aluminium or copper, withstand the task of heat dissipation with higher performance.

The performance of LED completely surpasses that of incandescent bulbs and works safely and smoothly, but the disadvantage is that the material cost is relatively high.

3. LED Light Radiation Characteristics

There are different ways of LED lights chips, the shapes of LED beads will also affect the beam pattern, the best measure is to examine the shape and size of the light source and see if they are close to the filament halogen lamps, the more equal the better beam pattern it will be and vice versa is true.

Also note that the design of the structure will also affect the quality of the pattern, for this reason, the smaller the distance between these beads from both sides, the better will be the beam pattern.

4. LED light Installation

Installation is one of the most important things to consider because the ease of installation will depend on the size of your LED light, the container, and the locations in your car. Installation can always be complicated depending on the location and size of the LED light.

If it is big, it can be complicated if it is small, it can be simple. So, it is better to double-check your car and the place where you want to fix the light in advance to make sure you have enough space for installation.

5. LED Light Projector or Reflector

The design of your projector or reflector will affect your choice of LED lights for your car or lorry. Projector lights like halo lights for cars look like circles with no centre filled in. The light with this design ensures visibility on the road so that the driver can easily see oncoming vehicles.

Reflector light is the type of design light that can work well with LED lights. The light from LED is reflected from the chrome surface.

The disadvantage of reflector lights is that they can have a darker spot. If you are not sure about the dimensions and design, it is better to use a vehicle parts search or consult a professional who can advise you on the best LED light for your car.

6. Placement Of LED Light In Your Car

LED lights can be used for both the interior and exterior of your car. The LED light that can be used in the interior should complement the colour of your car.

The LED light that can be used in the interior usually has longevity; it can have a lifespan of about 10,000 hours.

LED Lights for the interior can come in different types, such as door lights, map lights, dome lights, and interior accent lights that can be installed under the dashboard, in the footwell, under the seats, or in the boot.

For underbody lighting, there is a multi-colour RGB LED vehicle lighting kit that can be controlled with Bluetooth. Note that the exterior lights are easy to install and have a longer life than their counterparts.

7. LED Light Colour And Brightness

One of the great benefits of LED light is that it comes in different colours, as we know that colours react differently in different environments.

It is a good idea to have a bright white LED light as it can be useful at night. LED Lights can outperform their counterparts in lumens.

During fog it is not safe to use more brightness, using warmer, yellow, or orange colours is good for fog lights. The cooler, brighter colours are best for low and high beams. If you want a taillight, you need to buy an LED light that emits a red and white colour.

White light is for reverse, red light is for braking and the amber light is for signals and turn signals at the front and rear of the car. LED light that emits a brightness of about 6000 lumens gives you bright and effective light.

8. LED Light Components

LED light has very simple components, there are about two types of LED headlights which are one with a single beam for low beam and a single beam for high beam. To get good performance, you need to buy multiple single light bulbs.

The other type of headlight is a dual-beam headlight LED, which has two light fields on the same bulb for low and high beams.

There are several wiring options for single and dual beam headlights, most variations are very simple and do not require relay harnesses.

So, these LED lights just need to be plugged directly into the car without adding any extras. Other variants have drivers built into the LED light, but they can fail very easily. It is better to choose a plug and play installation with high-quality lights materials.

9. LED Light Price

If the price of an LED light fixture is too cheap, think twice before buying it, and ask yourself why? With the LED technology, performance and quality compared to the similar HID bulbs, LED light should cost a little more because of its advantages of consuming less power and be able to plug & play and with a brighter beam that serves the purpose of safety.

For safety and efficiency, a cheap price is not better for a LED lighting system, buy a light that will last longer with great illumination, safety, and comfort.

With all the factors we mentioned above, for example, if you want better brightness, the heat sink or fan you need high installation, and if you want a great beam pattern, you need to sacrifice brightness or power.

The Best Types Of LEDLights

Are you confused about which LED light to choose? Here are The Best LED Headlight Bulbs for the cars that you can choose.

1. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

This is one of the best LED lights that offer the best price, performance, durability, and value for money. This light offers 7200 lumens per set, and it is 200 per cent brighter than a traditional halogen headlight.

They have a cool white temperature of 6000K and provide an optimal light pattern without dark spots or foggy light.

Cougar Motor uses an aluminium canister with a 10,000 RPM TurboCool fan that ensures LED light will work for over 50,000 hours. This light can be used in most vehicles; they are also IP67 waterproof, and each light comes with a three-year warranty.

There is an option other than Cougar Motors LED bulbs especially if you always drive at night, you may want brighter lights if you are looking for better performance and competitive price these lights should be your choice.

Installation is easy and can be used for most vehicles, but I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to verify if it is compatible with your car.


  • super-bright performance
  • premium quality
  • easy installation
  • lifetime warranty


  • Pricey

2. Beamtech LED Headlight Bulbs

Beamtech’s LED lights are cheaper than Cougar Motors products, but they are not long-lasting like Cougar Motor LED lights because they are brighter at 8000 lumens per pair with a 6500K colour temperature and they have a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, so if you are looking for longevity you might want to choose other LED lights.

What sets Beamtech’s lights apart from their competitors is that they do not have a fan, which makes them quieter than other lights. They also have passive cooling with an aluminium body for improved heat dissipation and they are IP65 waterproof.

At a budget price, Beamtech’s lamps are a better option because they do not have a fan that can make too much noise. The noise from the fan can be a nuisance to drivers. If you are looking for longevity, maybe this lamp is not a good option since they are rated at 20,000 hours less than their competitors.

But if you are looking for brighter this could be an option because they offer above-average brightness with quiet operation.


  • affordable
  • brighter
  • no noise


  • Shorter lifespan than competitors

3. Fahren Driving LED Headlight Bulbs.

This is another option from LED light that offers a bright 10000 lumens per pair at 65000K cool white temperature. This light offers a focused beam pattern that provides a wider and more expansive range of illumination. It is also three times brighter than a conventional halogen bulb.

It has a sporty aluminium housing with a unique hollow, curved heat sink. The life of the bulb is approximately 50,000 hours and its durability is approximately 12,000 RPM turbo cooling fans and the bulbs are IP68 waterproof.

The bulb is designed to be the size of halogen headlights, so it will fit in your headlight without any major modifications. For those looking to upgrade their traditional halogen light to LED light, driving LED light offers a better option as they can work about 98 per cent of the vehicle without fail.


  • 1000 lumens per pair
  • 65000K temperature
  • focused beam pattern
  • IP68 waterproof
  • unique heat sink design
  • 12,000 RPM fan


  • Vehicle may need to be adjusted for ideal light pattern
  • may not be plug-and-play on some vehicles (may require additional CAN-Bus decoder)

4. Hikari Cree XHP50

This lamp is more expensive compared to the others and offers 9600 lumens per pair at a temperature of 60000K and can be used for fog lights, headlights and daytime running lights.

Each of the Hikari bulbs is equipped with 9,000 RPM TurboCool fans and can be plugged in and used like other LED bulbs. The bulbs have a 50,000-hour life and are also waterproof.

Hikari Cree XHP50 is a better option if you can spend more for a brighter headlamp with longevity. Hikari Cree XHP50 are legally approved by the US Department of Transportation and can be used without any restriction, but I still advise you to check with state laws in your area.


  • Brightest bulb
  • long life.


  • More expensive than others

5. Auxbeam F-16

This is one of the best options from Auxbeam and is competitively priced at 6,000 lumens per pair. The colour temperature is 6000K like the Hikari Cree XHP50 and Cougar Motor lamps. This LED light has a feature for aircraft grade luxury gold aluminium and Cree LED crisps with a built-in CAN Bus to avoid error codes.

They are waterproof and dustproof which can be very useful when you are on a rough road. The lamps have a built-in turbofan and can use aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, so the heat sink stays 30% cooler than a conventional lamp.

It is brighter than the other four bulbs mentioned above, which may be preferred by other drivers. They are available in different styles, so you can easily find the right bulb for your vehicle. If you choose this brand, make sure you buy from Auxbeam to avoid counterfeits as they are the only dealer of this brand.


  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof
  • reasonably priced
  • Clear LED crisps


  • Only 6000 lumens per pair

6. Lastfit LED Headlight Bulbs

This is one of the most affordable bulbs among the others, the LED bulb offers 7600 lumens per pair at a cool 6000K colour temperature and a rated power of 30 watts per bulb. Each bulb features a 9,000 RPM high-pressure fan with Air Flux Dual cooling technology to dissipate heat.

This bulb provides a perfect light pattern with no dark spots or foggy light. With flip crisps, it offers lower thermal resistance and reduces power dissipation better so it can run cooler.


  • Affordability
  • above-average brightness


  • short warranty period


I hope this article will help you decide how best to choose the LED light for your car; however, all your decisions should consider the type of car you have, safety, regulations, and environment.

You should be careful with the fake product, and I would advise you to buy them from reliable sources, and make sure to consult a specialist who can advise you on the best LED light to buy that is compatible with your car.

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