About Toba

I’m Toba, the Co-owner, and founder of ledlightplanet.com. I fell in love with Led lights in general when I flew around Asia in 2016. This is the site where I share my experience and share all that I learn every day.

In 2016, I moved to China for a master’s degree program. Upon touching down in Shanghai, I was just blown away by the beautiful night view of the city enhanced by the superb Led lighting the city was engulfed in.

Upon completion, I begun to think of what I would do after school and I was always drawn towards being an entrepreneur. But about what? I kept asking myself.

After graduating my passion for entrepreneurship skyrocketed and I started to look at my options. One such option was building an online business. I randomly came across a YouTube channel, called Income School.

Along with this YouTube channel, the founders Jim Harmer and Ricky Kessler had a website and an online course, detailing how you can start your own blog.

This had my interest and I decided to give it a chance. I married my passion for entrepreneurship, Led lights, and my new found love Blogging. I together with my brother-in-law created Ledlightplanet, a website that aims to help as many people as possible with their led lighting choices and questions.

Although I’m no expert, I have purchased a new house and hope to furnish it with some cool led lighting Systems. So this is the site where I share everything I learn each day about LED Lights.