Automotive Car Led Lights: The 9 Pros & Cons To Help You Choose

automotive car led lights

To every advantage, there’s a disadvantage. And as much as I love how LED lights work I set out to better understand the pros and cons of LED light installation on cars.

This is the article where I share everything I have learned.

After thorough research here are the pros and cons of automotive LED lights.

Automotive Car Led Lights PROSAutomotive Car Led Lights CONS
Lasts Long & Stays On Very LongNeeds Extra Components
Highly EfficientVariety of Quality
Turns On Immediately
Energy Saver
Reduces Cost

For the remaining parts of this article, I’m going to double-down and share with you more details about the about listed pros and cons of the automotive car LED lights.

Keep reading this article to find out more!

Pros Of Automatic LED Lights

They’re a bunch of advantages to using automotive LED lights. Some of these advantages include:

1. Lasts Long & Stays On Very Long

Generally, an LED light will be able to last about 50,000 hours which is approximately about 20 times the entire lifespan of a halogen bulb.

This is probably the biggest advantage when it comes to LED light. The LED light has the supreme advantage of staying on for a long time without any problems.

This generally puts LED light ahead of lights like halogen bulbs.

LED lights have had a lot of advancement in recent years. From fancy design and colorful illuminations to ultra long-lasting lights.

LED lights are great, especially for night driving. LED lights are going to make a huge difference in your night driving because of how it’s able to stay on for long hours.

So your night driving on those long family and friends trips is going to be super smooth with the best consistent vision.

2. Highly Efficient

The LED light is also super efficient compared to most bulbs.

What makes the LED light great is the fact that it gives you the best of the best vision day or night yet it still produces the least amount of heat.

Lights producing heat is quite a normal thing.

But the degree of heating light will produce will depend on the kind of light, the quality of the light, and how long the light has to be produced.

Here’s where the LED light is simply fantastic. Unlike most lights like halogen lights, incandescent bulbs, the LED light have reflectors and other components that allow it to regulate the amount of heat produced.

This will make a huge difference in your driving experience and the overall battery health of your car.

Basically, LEDs won’t generate a lot of heat. Meaning the battery will not be drained and this is going to allow it to last longer and work more efficiently.

3. Brightness

I might have alluded to this a couple of times already in this post. LED lights have superb brightness.

This makes LED lights great for night driving. As we are all aware, lighting is essential for night driving.

Car light brightness may vary from one installation to another. There are factors that may determine how bright a car light will be.

One such factor is the size of the light.

Generally, LED lights do not generate light like halogen bulbs but still remain the best when it comes to the overall quality of lighting you get with an LED light.

Another common type of light is incandescent light. The general quality of lighting generated by incandescent lights is not as good as LED lights.

This is because the brightness that the LED light produces will be a lot easier to direct at specific angles.

Not only does the LED light have this advantage over incandescent lights but also most other lights (as they will not have the ability to be put in specific angles).

Another important feature as far as brightness goes with LED lights is that the bright LED light produced does not affect the vision of oncoming vehicles, especially at night.

This is because LED lights produce brightness that is very friendly to people’s eyes compared to what you will mostly have with halogen lights.

4. Durability

Another amazing thing that puts car LED lights ahead of most car leather is the fact that it’s more durable.

Generally, the LED light industry has skyrocketed over the past few years and because of this boom, there are a lot of producers who want in on the action but do not necessarily produce quality light.

However, the big OGs of the LED light game like Philips Lighting/Signify, Eaton, GE Lighting, Acuity Brand, etc are still around producing high-quality lights for its cherished customers like you and me.

So getting an LED light from any of those big brands is going to be an absolute bang for your buck.

LED lights from these brands are going to mean that it will last very long, offer the best of the best brightness, and efficiency while significantly decreasing the cost of operation.

5. Turns On Immediately

While car lights like the incandescent bulbs will warm up for a couple of seconds before reaching their full brightness, the LED light is lightspeed fast (pun intended :D) and will turn on immediately.

This is one of the most appreciated qualities of the LED lights amongst most drivers.

How this also impacts your driving experience is pretty significant. A good example is when LED lights are used as brake lights.

I guess you see where I’m going with this. The LED brake light will turn on a lot faster and allow for the last-minute signal to oncoming cars or cars behind quickly.

6. Energy Saver

This is by now probably a no-brainer as I may have mentioned it earlier. But hey, here we go again!

LED lights are absolutely great energy-saving lights.

First of all, if your car lights are not LED, let’s assume it’s a halogen then it’s going to generate a lot of heat which might affect the whole system of the car and particularly drain the battery.

LED lights have some extra components, a good example is the reflector bowl which will help so the light does not generate too much heat.

And because it won’t generate too much heat when compared to the halogen bulbs, then this is ultimately going to do so much good for a car battery’s performance and lifespan.

7. Cost reduction

The long-term cost-effectiveness of the LED light bulbs is absolutely fantastic although it may require a bigger budget for it in the initial purchase.

Compared to halogen car lights, LED lights are more expensive but the long-term benefits is super awesome.

Getting an LED light installed will remove the burden of having light problems from time to time like brightness, heating, poor battery life, etc.

It saves you the trouble of having to go to the garage every couple of months to have your car lights checked out.

Cons Of Automotive LED Lights

Now that we have taken a good look at some of the advantages of LED lights, it’s fair to take a look at what LED lights are not great for.

Variety of Quality

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting LED lights is the issue of finding the best quality ones.

This is made a lot more complex due to the variety of brands you see when you do an online search.

A lot of people simply avoid LED lights on their cars due to how hard it is to sometimes make the perfect choice that combines quality, with efficiency, safety, and ease of installation.

But this is why ledlightplanet was created to help make your search for the best-LED light whether for your cars, home, office, or outdoors a lot more fun and easy.

Needs Extra Components

It’s always an absolute bummer when you make a purchase only for you to realize the are other components or parts you might have to get in order for the thing you actually intended to buy to works.

You can call it upselling but when it comes to getting LED lights especially for cars, there are additional 2-5 extra components you will have to get for your LED lights to work perfectly in your car.

If certain components are not gotten and fixed then the LED light will perform a lot worse like extremely heating up.

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