9 Things You Need To Know Before Switching To LED Headlights

Things You Need To Know Before Switching To LED Headlights

LED headlights are becoming more and more popular, but there are some important things you need to know before making the switch. In this article, I did some research and found 9 important things you should know before you switch from your regular lights to LEDs.

So what are the things you need to know before switching to Led Headlights?

  1. Led Headlights Last Longer And Saves Money
  2. LED Lights’ Performance Reaches Over 50,000 Hours
  3. LED Lights Has The Perfect Brightness For Road Safety
  4. LED Lights Are Energy-Saving
  5. LEDs Temperature And Color Issues
  6. No Reflector Support Needed With LEDs
  7. LED Lights Have Stability
  8. LEDs Are Dimmable
  9. LED Lights Reduced Power Consumption

To learn the details on the above-mentioned points on the things you need to know before switching to LED Headlights, keep reading this article.

1. Led Headlights Last Longer And Saves Money

One of the advantages of LEDs is it is durable compared to the other normal bulbs because it takes a long time to wear and tear and lose their brightness and fade, while other normal bulbs do not last long and will lose their brightness after a short period.

So, you should be aware that LEDs can be a long-term investment as the initial cost can be higher, but the payback time is worth it. For example, you can buy LED lights for $20 and someone else can buy regular light bulbs for $5, but the durability of LED light bulbs is much higher than regular light bulbs.

Approximately lifespan of LED lights could be twenty years or longer before they start dimming and the maintenance cost of these lights is very low compared to other regular light bulbs that take two years life span for incandescent.

The technology that is used to LED light such as the diodes themselves, heat sinking, and others allow the LED light to extensively outlast- incandescent bulbs.

Also, a lot of energy is saved when you use LED lights. For example, if you replace an incandescent bulb with a LED, you can save an estimated 70-90% on energy consumption, which translates to a savings of $25-$ 75 on utilities over the lifespan of the lightbulbs.

2. LED Lights’ Performance Reaches Over 50,000 Hours

In terms of performance, LEDs are higher than incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps. This is because LEDs do not produce as much heat as other ordinary light bulbs, which makes these lights have higher performance than incandescent bulbs.

Approximately performance of LED lights reaches over fifty thousand (50,000) hours, the most important thing is that LED lights are so genuine because they provide safe driving at night for the drivers. They feel comfortable without worrying about lights spoiling like other incandescent bulbs since their performance will not last for a long time.

Also, another advantage of LED lights power is not requiring high power while driving a car that will not drain your car battery, and from what I saw, my friends blamed those who did not use LED lights before they were to blame for their batteries being drained.

So, all in all, the performance of LED lights is very important to be considered before switching from incandescent and halogen lights to LED lights.

3. LED Lights Has The Perfect Brightness For Road Safety

For owners of cars, car brightness lights are an important thing that you should consider because if you do not consider brightness especially at night- time it is very easy to get into an accident because of not having much bright light.

The LED lights have different brightness colors like white, yellow, blue, and purple, this will depend on whether you are fixing either the exterior or interior but the exterior white color will be preferred.

Also, LED lights output lights in the range of 9,000 lumens to 12,400 lumens, because these LED lights are less brightness than incandescent bulbs.

For example, some of my friends think that LED lights are bright, and it might affect other drivers when they drive either during the day or at night, but mostly at night.

But the truth is LED lights have different varieties of lights in terms of colors and size, which will produce exactly the number of lights needed that will not affect others (drivers) compared to other incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs that have a high temperature.

The good thing about these LED lights is that they gradually lose their brightness, and they could last up to five years compared to other regular bulbs that are brighter than LED lights but would not last for a long period of time.

4. LED Lights Are Energy-Saving

Apart from having a better battery in your car, if the lights are either LED or incandescent bulbs are fake will always drain your car battery.

The most important advantage of LED lights is energy-saving, which with performance improvement and decreasing price LED lights can replace up to 60 watts of regular incandescent bulbs, this makes LED lights consume less power and make a battery much more efficient compared to other incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting can convert 90% of the energy consumed into light, unlike incandescent bulbs which only convert 10% of the energy into light and the 90% is wasted as heat.

Also, LED lights are cooler than incandescent bulbs, which means that there is less risk of bulbs burning out and bursting due to the high temperature. This is because LEDs are not made of glass materials that can burn easily like incandescent bulbs.

Since LED lights are energy-efficient and less maintenance-intensive in terms of operation compared to incandescent bulbs, the battery will be affected and have a high maintenance cost.

5. LEDs Temperature And Color Issues

For one reason, motorists should consider temperature and color issues simply because LED lights have a variety of colors, so whenever you choose, you should double-check the LED lights because some of the lights may not be perfect for your car.

Also, because of temperature issues, if you buy LED lights without considering the type of your car it could affect an entire system of lights simply because the temperature could be high or low which will cause the lights to blow up.

LED lights have different color temperatures, with each LED having a correlated color temperature (CCT), for example, different colors like white, yellow, red, and purple depending on where you want to fix it.

The exterior white color would be the best compared to the interior where yellow, red, and purple would be a perfect choice.

So, the performance of LED lights depends on the temperature, when the temperature fluctuates whether rising or falling will always affect LED bulbs, so based on this temperature of LED lights is supposed to remain stable to the performance of LEDs efficiency and it can last for a long period of time.

6. No Reflector Support Needed With LEDs

The most important thing is the type of vehicle lighting you have because if it is incandescent bulbs, you need to change the system to a LED lighting system. Changing from incandescent bulbs to LED lights is the most beneficial thing that you need to do.

So, when you go and buy LED lights for your car, it is better to buy a dish for a light reflector. This dish reflector will make the light go in a certain direction; it will not spread it at different angles like incandescent bulbs, spread it from different angles.

Although LED lights require more power than incandescent bulbs, the power of LED lights will be double that of other normal bulbs because the lens of LED lights (dish reflector) is best, and this will have a buyer (driver) deciding which direction he/she wants the light to go.

If you decide to change LED lights from incandescent bulbs, you will also need to change the reflector dish. Also, the LED light reflector helps the bulbs not get so hot, unlike other normal light bulbs that generate heat very easily and even blow up because incandescent bulbs do not last long.

7. LED Lights Have Stability

In another way, the most important thing that you should consider before switching to LED lights is to check how stable and durable the LED lights material is.

Even if you buy LED lights, we know that it will last for a long time, but if the material is fake, then it will not last long.

The material of LED lights is usually different from incandescent bulbs, this shows that if the material of LED lights is strong and stable, then it will not be destroyed easily, which will be efficient and brightness at a high level of performance.

Also, incandescent bulbs tend to decrease their brightness abruptly, but for LED lights decrease gradually and it is very difficult to notice the changes compared to other regular light bulbs, where after several weeks or months you will start to see the changes, so this makes LED lights more stable than other light bulbs.

8. LEDs Are Dimmable

Most LED lights are dimmable. The quality of the driver and compatibility with the simple control system are two factors that determine their dimming performance.

However, you should note that not all LEDs are compatible with your current dimming switch, so it is better to be prepared for trial and error. Make sure you double-check that everything is compatible and works to your standards.

9. LED Lights Reduced Power Consumption

Like all other LED light bulbs, LED headlights are exceptionally energy efficient. However, for some users, this is not much of a problem as their cars are designed to work well with the stock headlight bulbs.

By reducing the amount of power consumption, you can extend the life of your car’s battery by many months. This is especially true for electric cars, which can go an extra mile by switching to LED headlight bulbs.


All in all, the stability of the light should be taken into consideration because if the bulbs are not stable, then the efficiency and performance of these LED lights will be poor, moreover, the heat temperature will increase and increase the service cost after a short period of time.

It is very important to consider these factors before buying LED headlights and you need to know how they affect the quality of light emitted.

Although they are highly recommended, the quality of LEDs varies from brand to brand, so it is advisable to choose a genuine manufacturer or brand.

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