11 Pros And Cons Of LED Car Lights

LED Car Lights have been a huge trend in the automotive industry. But, is it really worth the investment? This blog post will talk about LED car lights’ pros and cons to consider before making your decision.

Pros Of Cars Led Lights

We have three main types of car lights which are HID (High-Intensity Discharges), halogens, and LED lights. Let us see how these three types of lights compare to each other in terms of quality, efficiency, and durability.

Long Life Span

In recent years, we have seen how LED light has changed the way cars are lit. LED light has a longer life, about 30,000-50,000 hours compared to 2,000-4,000 hours of halogen and 2,000 hours for HID light.

So, LED light is the best among the other lamps. With this power LED light is about 20 times of halogen bulbs power, it can be claimed to be an LED light expensive to buy, but the lifetime makes it cheaper compared to incandescent bulbs.

Due to the advancement of technology and LED lights gaining popularity there are more manufacturing industries producing different quality LED lights, so you need to be very careful because you can buy a LED light that might be of low quality.


Efficiency is one of the main advantages of LED light because without efficiency means that nothing will be as perfect as we want it to be.

When we talk about LED lights, then we should consider the amount of heat that is produced compared to halogen lights, for example, an incandescent bulb not only produces light but also heat that could have a great negative impact on people especially when drivers are driving at night, while LED lights only produce light with less amount of heat due to components that it has like reflectors.

Also, LED lights have a lot of components that help to control the heat, then they will not drain the battery, unlike halogen lights that produce a lot of heat and that could affect the battery drain. So, the battery will be durable because the LED will not produce much more heat.


Compared to other bulbs like halogen or HID bulbs that take a long time to light up and produce full brightness, LED lights up instantly when turned on.

For drivers, especially at night when they do not have enough light, it is very possible to cause an accident. For this reason, the brightness is an advantage of LED lights especially for drivers who are behind you have enough time to react when you step on the brake.

Brightness could vary, it just depends on the size of the LED light that you have, although LED lights do not produce light like halogen lights but remain the best over halogen lights, the light that incandescent lights produce is not as good as LED lights because the brightness that is produced by LED lights is simply directed to the one point (angle) compared to halogen lights where halogen light does not have a specific angle.

In addition, LED lights do not affect other visions especially at night because LED lights are produced to be friendly to people’s eyes compared to halogen which could affect your eyes because the lights are too much, and it is easy to cause an accident at night.


Longevity is one of the qualities and advantages that LED light has compared to other lights like halogen and HIDs.

Due to the introduction of many LED lights industries have led to the increase in the manufacturing of fake LED lights, so one must be careful when buying the LED lights as you may end up buying fake products that may not be durable and cause a problem to your car especially affecting or damaging your battery.

So, if the LED lights are durable this means their life span will be long and the brightness and efficiency of the light and other things will be on point which will also reduce the cost of operation and make the performance of the lights more efficient.

Instant Light Up

One of the things that people (drivers) like LED lights is, it has turned on quickly compared to other bulbs that take several minutes to respond, but for LEDs light is only about a second after you turn it on and on the spot, the light will come on.

This has a positive effect on the driver who is ahead and another who is behind, for example, let’s look for the rear LED lights so that when a driver sees something in front of him he has to act quickly to apply the brake so that he does not cause an accident, so if he has LED brake light this will help a driver who is behind to see a brake light on the spot, this will help him to also apply the brake quickly.

All in all, LED light has the advantage of a quick and immediate response after a driver turns on the lights compared to halogen lights that take a few extra seconds for it to turn on.

Energy Saving

Among the advantages that the LED light has is the ability to save energy, as my friend confessed to me after he switched from halogen lights to LED lights.

LED lights have some extra components like a reflector dish that helps to generate light and hence the power of the battery will be efficient.

Cost Reduction

As we know LED light lasts for a long period of time as compared to other bulbs. It is true that buying LED lights will cost a little more money, but the payment period will give you a good return because of its lifetime.

For example, let’s say you buy LED lights for around $100 and then another buyer buy halogen bulbs for $14, it is possible to say that a person who bought for $100 has more than a person who bought for $14 but in long run, a person who spent $100 just to buy LED lights has far better deals than halogen light buyer simply because for LED light will take a long time before we buy again while halogen buyer will buy in short time example after 12 months he may buy twice or thrice.

Cons Of Car Led Lights

Despite all the advantages over other types of car lights, we must highlight some small problems that can be solved in a short time.

Initial Cost

The only disadvantage of LED lights is the initial cost, lately, high-end cars are equipped with the LED lights, turn signals, or taillights.

The Heat

The LED light itself does not get hot, but there is a lot of heat that spreads to the emitter, so you need to buy another component to control the heat, which means additional cost. LED Lights can generate a lot of heat, and this increases the temperature of the headlights.

However, due to the advancement in technology, engineers have designed and developed active and passive cooling systems so that the heat does not reach the transparent surface of the headlight and it does not heat up.

With the quality of LED headlights, the light emission may decrease because of the possible ice layers that do not melt.

The good news is that recently the cost of LED lights for cars has come down, although they are still more expensive compared to other lights, with all the benefits LED light has it is worth investing in them.

Variety Of Quality

Due to technological advancements, the number of users of LED lights is increasing, leading to an increasing number of industries manufacturing these lights.

This has led to an increasing number of different qualities of LED lights. It is an advantage for the buyer to have a choice, but sometimes it can be complicated to choose the good qualities.

With the mindset of customers that LED lights are good; they can end up buying any quality of LED lights that are in the market without thinking that the quality can be compromised due to the mass production of the products. Therefore, it is important for customers to stick to a particular brand of LED lights.

Additional Components

Among the disadvantages of LED light is that more components are required as compared to halogen lights that do not require additional components to run a system well. Additional components are needed, such as heat control and additional fixtures, which are additional costs.


We can conclude that LED lights are the best light compared to other bulbs. LED lights for cars allow you to see more even though it is expensive, but you will end up saving more money in the long run since they last long and a long time before you replace them.

Also, many states allow you to change your car light to LEDs if you want but before you do that check and double-check your state’s laws as there are some regulations on aftermarket car lights and I hope these cons and pros will help you make your decisions on the right choice, remember it is very important to comply with the law.

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