10 Reasons Why LED Lights Are Non-Replaceable

Why LED Light is Non Replaceable

In recent years, LED lamps have become increasingly important to people’s lives, especially at home and in the car. LED Light solves many problems with incandescent bulbs that do not provide high-quality and efficient light like a LED lamp. There are several reasons why LED light cannot be replaced, such as its long life, efficiency, and lower heat consumption.

A non-replaceable LED fixture means that the actual lighting has been integrated and manufactured into the fixture, which means that the fixture cannot be removed and replaced. This has several advantages, for example, you do not have to order a separate bulb, which is an additional cost.

Let us look at it in detail.

1. LED Light Has Long Life

LED lamps to have a longer life of about 70,000 hours which is more than twenty times the life of the other incandescent bulbs such as halogen lamps.

This is because it has less chance of it being damaged such as burn, while incandescent bulbs have a high chance to be burned because of the temperature caused by the heat of halogen light.

2. LED Light Is Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of LED is relatively higher than that of halogen bulbs because LED has more cooling elements that make the light survive for a long time.

For example, an LED luminaire has a heat dissipation structure that is both fanless (passive) and fan-powered (active), both of which play the same role in cooling the LED to reduce or eliminate the heat inside the luminaire because if the heat is not eliminated, there is a great chance that the LEDs will generate heat, which will cause the luminaire to lose its power and shorten its life.

But since it has both passive and active heat dissipation, which controls the heat by cooling the component, the LED light will be maintained for a long time and not replaced in a short time.

3. LED Light Generates Less Heat

Incandescent lights can generate so much heat that they do not survive for a long time and can be replaced at any time, compared to LEDs.

If the lights produce heat means that the temperature will be high and endanger a whole system of light and can cause light to be burned when the heat increases.

LED lights have an additional component that controls the heat so that it is neither too high nor too low but remains constant.

When the heat is controlled, the LED light will not be replaced at any time soon, unlike incandescent bulbs such as halogen lamps, which have no additional component to cool the bulbs, so that the heat remains at a high level and will need to be replaced often.

4. LED Light Is Environmentally Friendly

This is one of the advantages and the reason why LED light cannot be replaced because it has the potential to minimize carbon dioxide emissions almost 100 times of incandescent bulbs.

The incandescent bulbs produce about 80 percent of carbon dioxide, while LED light can reduce up to 50 percent.

About 30 percent of the world uses electricity for lighting, which contains mercury, as opposed to LED light, which offers lighting that does not contain mercury, and this will make disposal easier and cleaner.

5. Material Defects

In a LED light, there is a process called radioactive, where this radioactive material is in the active area, so when this combination occurs the light is produced.

If the material used to make this radioactive substance is not of good quality, then the heat and current will not flow as usual, which can lead to a deterioration in the performance of the LED.

The buyers must avoid a material defect that causes the heat and current not to flow appropriately. Unfortunately, most buyers do not know how to distinguish between fake and original LED light, so if you buy a LED product first, what you should do is to identify the brands, because if you do not get the best brand, then there is a big possibility that you will buy a product that will not last long

To maximize the life of your LED lights, you should double-check the LED lights component by relying on a particular brand that offers a high standard quality of the bulb.

6. Electrical Overload

When the LED light receives more power than it consumes it means that it will not be able to control, and this is what we call electrical overload.

This can be caused by a car battery that has exceeded the required voltage, or a problem with the power supply, or errors in the installation of the LED bulbs.

Sometimes an electrical overload can be caused by the manufacturer during the process or handling of the components.

The electrical over voltage can be controlled by using circuits within a thermal and electrical part of a LED system.

This will help regulate the supply in the LED bulb, for example, if the power comes with a high current then the circuit will regulate to normal, and when it comes high will increases to the needed range.

7. Heat Stress

The advantage of LED is that the light is cooler than that of halogen lamps. LED does generate heat, but only to a small extent, so if the fixture is affected by hot temperatures, the life of LED will be shortened by a certain percentage.

So, it is possible to control this heat stress and extend the lifespan of LED light by doing two things: first, you should consider the size of the lights and make sure the reflector shell allows the heat to escape, and second, you should check if the LED light housing and heat are sink.

For a better LED, it must have an effective heat sink with gas that allows heat to escape into the air.

8. Complication

It is obvious that a LED light bulb has an extremely complicated system because the internal system has a lot of wires that could eventually affect the life of the LED light bulb because it has sophisticated wiring, then if there is any damage or scratch, it will be easy to cause a shot or heat dissipation, which could increase the temperature or make the light bulbs burn.

9. Counterfeit

The disadvantage of LED light is that there are various products of LED light bulbs, for which look similar in one way or another, and it is difficult to distinguish because there are brands, labeling, logos, packaging, and even serial numbers, without even considering the safety of the user, they are aiming to make a profit without worrying about the problem that they will cause for users.

So, if you buy products without paying attention to the brands, when you install them in your car, it may cause various problems, such as overheating, insufficient power, especially the brightness and even the efficiency of the light is not optimal, and therefore may cause accidents at night because the driver does not have a light that illuminates the road.

10. Environmental Factors

If there is an unsuitable environment where the ventilation does not allow the LED light to be cooled, the heat will increase, and this can happen if you install LED light near the heat source, causing the bulbs to overheat, because even if there are cooling components that control the heat, it still will not help anything in a place where heat is generated.

Final Thoughts

There are several advantages to choosing a LED fixture. LED lights are more efficient and last longer than traditional lights, plus they are environmentally friendly and a good value for the money.

When you choose LED Light, you should know that you are choosing the most revolutionary luminaire with the most energy-efficient solutions.

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