5 Reasons Why LED Headlights Are Better In Fog?

are led headlight better in fog

Driving in the fog can be a bit tricky. What greatly helps is having the best lights to help literally see you through and generally, LED lights tend to do a better job at illuminating through the thick early morning fog.

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 reasons why LED headlights are simply better in fog.

So are LED headlights better in Fog? LED headlights are better in fog because;

  • LED Lights Are Brighter In Fog
  • LED Lights Have Better Stability In Fog
  • LED Headlights Have Better Light Color In Fog
  • LEDs Lights Do Not Disperse
  • Unique Quality

To leather more about the reasons why LED lights are better in fog, keep reading this article.

1. LED Lights Are Brighter In Fog

Lighting plays a very important role in cars. It helps to equip you and ready you no matter the time and season of the year.

One common condition you would mostly have to get through with your car is the early morning fog.

You will usually need your car headlights to do a great job of helping you see through the fog.

With a good LED light installation, you will be able to have the best of the best vision even if visibility is severely decreased.

While you will only be able to see up to about 100 meters ahead with a halogen bulk, the LED light is going to offer you over 150 meters worth of vision in the fog.

The exceptional technology of the LED light produces brightness that’s able to penetrate through any kind of circumstance that will obscure vision.

So whether fog, dark, rainy, or snowy, the LED headlight will you a better driving experience that’s a lot safer.

There are generally two types of colors for headlights: yellow and white.

What you would want to ensure is that the color of your LED headlight is yellow.

The yellow lights according to experts are great because they are able to provide longer wavelengths and better brightness that can penetrate deeper into any wall of fog.

For this reason, we can conclude that the longer the wavelength would be the more brightness and the better the driving experience will be.

However, if the wavelength is short then the brightness will be poor and low and will be a bit risky to drive home in either heavy rainfall, snow, or foggy climate.

2. Unique Quality

Since LED headlights have a unique quality that can make them better in all weather, whether snow, rain, or fog the performance will always be on a higher level compared to incandescent bulbs.

LED lights are generally of higher quality. It comes why a sophisticated makeup that ensures it offers better vision while minimizing its impact on your battery energy.

3. LED Lights Have Better Stability In Fog

The illumination you’re going to have with LED headlights is not only going to cut through the thick fog but you will have one of the most consistent and stable lightings no matter how long the journey is going to be.

This is probably going to be a game-changer for you and your driving experience if you’re now crossing over to the LED lights world.

Still, a word of caution on the quality of LED light you get! You will have the required stability in your LED headlight if you pick out one from a high-quality brand.

Unlike a LED light, a halogen headlight may not perform especially in weather that is not so friendly to see clearly.

4. LED Headlights Have Better Light Color In Fog

When comes to driving during fog, you will want the color of your headlight to be yellow.

As stated above, the color of your headlight makes a big difference. For instance, there are two kinds of lights we can categorize most LED headlights into. These are white and yellow lights.

Basically, if the LED headlights are white then it won’t help you so much to see especially through a foggy climate.

This is because the white light will only disperse in the fog and also won’t give much visibility.

But for the yellow-colored headlight, we can say this is the best for fog climate and for other weather conditions.

The yellow-colored LED headlight is going to be somewhere between 4000k to 5000k which is standard for a highly effective.

To conclude this point, I will say LED headlights are great in fog especially if it’s the right color that is yellow.

It’s going to be your best bet in terms of headlights as you will get better performance and more importantly better visibility.

5. LEDs Lights Do Not Disperse

Another advantage that makes LED lights good in fog is because they do not emit light like halogen bulbs.

What this means is LED lights are installed in a way that they do not result in light scatter as you will have with a halogen bulb.

The light pattern an LED light will produce will always be a lot different from what you will have with other incandescent lights.

LED lights do not light at different angles but will give you a single directional focus for better vision even in the fog.

This makes the LED headlight installation exceptionally vital for good visibility even in think in thick fog wall.

The focused one-directional illumination you’re going to have with an LED light is incomparable to the one you will have with a halogen headlight.

This is because of the way the halogen lights are generally designed. It creates multiple arrays in different directions that making it very difficult for it to penetrate through the fog.

The Reason Why LED Headlight Might Not Be Better In Fog

As stated before, a typical LED headlight with the right features will have visibility of over 150 meters whether, in the night, rain, snow, or fog compared to other incandescent bulbs.

But the performance of your LED headlight will depend on the quality of LED light you get installed.

The performance of your LED headlight will generally range from low, medium to high – and this is largely due to the various LED light bulb brands which make bulbs of various qualities.

So because of different brands of LED lights, we can also expect to have fake and original bulbs for which performance will not be the same.

For example, most original LED branded bulbs will have better performance while for inferior LED lights brand performance will not be quite what you would typically expect.

The biggest challenge when it comes to LED lights is knowing the best brands.

Here are 5 of the top LED Headlight brands you would want to be on the lookout for when you’re on the market in search of some good LED light bulbs.

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